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Coastal Maine General Contracting Owner - Matthew Gurney

What Make Us Unique

Quality, customer service, and safety are key areas in which Coastal Maine General Contracting separates itself from other builders. First, in the area of quality, we focus on the details and strive to make each phase of the work perfect.

Coming from a family in the woodworking business, we demand the best craftsmanship for our projects. As a standard practice we implement a number of control checks allowing time to check and check again before moving on to the next phase of construction.

We also have a depth of experience in locating potential conflicts between site conditions, plans, specifications, and material selections.

We provide a unique mix of in-house construction services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. This mix allows us to better control the overall project including quality, schedule, and costs.

Customer Service

Customer service is built on a foundation of communication, trust, and integrity. Communication is the most important aspect of any construction project. Our team focuses on making sure that the channels of communication are open and clear. We provide our direct cell phone numbers and email addresses for quick contact. We also use video and network connections to provide real time images of work in progress. Especially for customers who also live in other parts of the country.

We build trust by implementing a transparent job costing system that allows for our customers to see the specific costs associated with their project. Building a home is deeply personal and involves a major financial investment. You have the right to know that those finances are being handled honestly at all times. We strive to conduct business activities that exemplify integrity even in the smallest of details.


Coastal Maine General Contracting - Safety


Safety is not just an afterthought. We provide comprehensive on-the-job training for all of our employees. Weekly safety meetings are part of every project. Regular training in fall protection, scaffolding, forklifts, aerial lifts, power tools, CPR, first aid, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and continuous updates are all part of our safety program. Regulatory compliance is a priority for our company.

Individuals make up the core of Coastal Maine General Contracting. We look for team players that take pride in what they do by executing their duties with skill, hard work, and integrity. Many of our employees are highly skilled craftsmen and professionals that we are honored to call a part of our team. Together we can build your dreams!

About Matthew Gurney

Matthew Gurney, President of Coastal Maine General Contracting, Inc., grew up in Central Maine. At an early age he developed a love for carpentry and did many small jobs for friends and family. During his high school years, Matthew worked on remodeling a number of properties which ultimately led to a desire to seek higher education in construction and business management.

In conjunction with finishing a degree in business management, Matthew worked for 5 years in the civil engineering field. In 2006, Matthew incorporated Coastal Maine General Contracting, Inc. and took his company from a small remodeling business to a mid-sized general contracting company that has completed millions of dollars’ worth of projects for all types of customers, residential, commercial and industrial.

“Problem solving is what makes this industry exciting and keeps me coming back for more.” Matthew has a love for the complex and intricate details that go into a project. The details and finite pieces of a project are what separates Matthew’s building style from others. His motto is “Built once – Built Right – Built for Life.”

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