Coastal Maine News

Machias Contractor

25 July 2015

Machias Contractor Progress Report and Video: Machias NAPA slab has been placed. Everyone pushed this week to finish all of the underground conduit, tubing, and rebar installation so the slab could be poured by weeks end. The concrete crew...

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16 July 2015

  Contractors are hard at work and things are progressing well. The parking area is starting to shape up. Underground utilities including water, electric, and plumbing are also underway.

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Construction General Contractor

11 July 2015

  Gurney Construction is a general contractor with a unique focus on communication and quality. This focus helps to keep our customers informed and assured that the work is proceeding according to plan.

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Contractors, Ellsworth and Bar Harbor

06 July 2015

  Contractors, Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. We have opened a new office and would be glad to provide pricing for your upcoming project. Custom ¬†residential and commercial projects are all accepted. Let’s get to work!  

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